Italy: former Fascists now in government urge public libraries to blacklist books by liberal writers


A few days ago I urged my readers to write an email in protest to two politicians of the PDL, Berlusconi’s party, who are in the government for the Province of Venice: Raffaele Speranzon, Arts and Culture Councillor for the Province of Venice, former Fascist, and Paride Costa, member of the PDL of the city of Martellago. The two politicians proposed to blacklist a number of writers who had signed a manifesto in favour of Cesare Battisti.

Even though I don’t endorse that pro-Battisti manifesto, I strongly believe that any blacklist against writers and their books is just an example of neo-Fascism and neo-McCarthyism. And as such, it needs to be fought by everybody.

Our two pennies of protest, together with the two pennies given by a great number of many other bloggers, has obtained its success, and the President of the Province of Venice, Francesca Zaccariotto, has disavowed her Councillor, threatening him to be fired.

Now there is a new piece of news, flagged by blogger and writer Loredana Lipperini: Elena Donazzan, Education and Formation Councillor for the Region of Veneto (the Region where Venice is), another former Fascist, has declared that she is about to send a letter to all the deans headmasters of her Region urging them to blacklist the books written by those authors who have signed the pro-Battisti manifesto. Councillor Donazzan has also declared that she will do so with the endorsement of the Governor of the Region, Mr. Zaia (League North party, the only party allied to PDL in the national government).

If you think that Fascism and McCarthyism should not prevail in Italy, please send an email in protest to Councillor Donazzan: