One-winged Angels, the excerpt published by The Chicago Quarterly Review

CQR #20, The Italian Issue–cover illustration by Rossana Campo

CQR #20, The Italian Issue–cover illustration by Rossana Campo

It’s an interesting and intelligent selection the one proposed by The Chicago Quarterly Review for their special issue on Contemporary Italian Literature and Poetry, guest edited by Michela Martini. Together with famous and established names such as Edoardo Sanguineti, Aldo Palazzeschi, Rossana Campo, and Emanuele Trevi, also less known and yet popular names, such as mine, in this stunning collection of poetry and prose translations of contemporary Italian literature.

Thus, in The Italian Issue (volume 20 of 2015) of The Chicago Quarterly Review, beautifully appear also the first two chapters of my award-winning novel One-winged Angels, translated in English by Silvana Mastrolia and myself. The original Italian version–which can be bought online here if you live abroad of Italy, or here if you live in the Belpaese–has sold so far 7,700 copies and has been praised by readers and critique alike. Now I am just waiting for the right American publisher to knock at my door.

An excerpt of the CQR excerpt is downloadble from here. Enjoy!