L’amica Filomena Calabrese, anche nota come Miss Calabreezy, scrive dei suoi inizi e delle sue fini, su cui riflette proprio mentre è lì, a un giro di boa della vita. Bello, brava Filo.


When does the thrill of starting anew morph
into fear of ending in the same place?
The tide rising to foam along the wharf
with steady ebb and flow fills endless space;
Ever-changing and changeless—motion, time—
beginnings and ends to each other bound.
Life set to order by thought’s measured rhyme;
Life torn apart by storm in feeling found.

When we begin, ready to follow through
again, the end with promise still aglow,
as senses push each looming thought from view,
and there is speed in all that once was slow,
we should be made to think of previous ends—
the past on which the present still depends.

(By Agnieszka Polakowska)

I wake with a heavy heart. The new beginnings which were to fill my heart’s places have been eclipsed by lingering ends.

I had been living in Norfolk, Virginia, for two years when I decided to return…

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