Being An American Expat In Italy Means Always Missing “Home”: Culture Shock And Reverse Culture Shock


Mi consolo pensando che non sono l’unico che si sente spaccato come una mela. Al netto della frase che urla vendetta “I miss sarcasm and irony which are not common in the Italian culture.” questo post è interessante.

Living In Italy.Moving To Italy. Loving In Italy. Laughing In Italy.

United States and Italy United States and Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Culture shock is a real thing. People experience it in different ways with varying degrees of severity. The time it takes to adjust is also different for everyone. I hardly noticed the culture shock when I first arrived in Italy for school because I was surrounded by so much familiarity in the midst of all of the differences. However, when I decided to stay in Italy with only one friend and my boyfriend there the entire thing changed and I experienced an array of feelings that spanned enthusiasm to suicidally shitty depression and isolation. When I’m in Italy, 90% of the year I miss parts of the United States. I miss my friends, my family, efficiency, and things like “doggy daycare.” The other 10% of the time that I’m in the United States I miss Italy. I miss the food, the long walks through winding…

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